irrational rationale

Rationale: ‘the fundamental reason or reasons serving to account for something’

Let’s breakdown this definition.

  1. Define fundamental reason
    – Reason or our ability as a person to reason is governed.
    – Governed by non-tangible factors from the past and the present.
    – Our cognition is shaped through past experiences, cultural background and even the food we eat.
    – Arguably , it is classical conditioning (Pavlov’s Dogs). However, the theory suggests that there is an external entity intentionally conditioning our cognition.
    – The only difference here, is that the intentions are not apparent and the external entity is society itself.
  2. ‘…serving to account for something’
    – What are we accounting for anyhow?
    – Accountable to what? or to whom?
    – Does this accountability to some external entity  justify our actions?
Most economists define consumers to be rationale and carry out each decisions made everyday with a rational pre-determination.
How true is this?
Let’s analyse this.
  • Are relationships rational?
    • There are a number of probable outcomes from relationships.
    • The most basics are:
      • Happy together; or
      • Not happy together
    • Relationships require investments of:
      • Time
      • Money
      • Effort
      • Time and Money for offsprings
    • Is it rational to partake into relationships if the costs outweigh the benefits?
    • Perhaps its something beyond that.
      • Perhaps its the want to be loved
      • the want to be wanted
      • the want for security
    • That is somewhat the most logical and ‘tangible’ response for being in a relationship
  • But we must look deeper.. ask yourself, why do you want the things that you want?
  • What about sex?… is it rational?
    • no doubt, the physical pleasure
    • but when two people make love, we all can agree that something non-tangible is formulating that even science cannot completely comprehend.
    • Furthermore, is it rational to have one night stands?
      • Knowing the risks of STDs
      • And time and money invested into receiving that one night stand
      • yet people still continue to do it.
So, why do you want what you want?
…the answer is not found in the answer…
…but one must realize that the question and answer are one in the same…
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