Do you remember the time when you played in your backyard?
And your backyard was your unknown funland.

The drain was a river canal that went into a different world.
The tall grass was like a mini jungle filled with unknown life forms.
The washing machine was a scary metal monster.

The lizards and insects were the people you terrorized.
The swing was your teleportation device.
The clothes line was a city skyline.

The creative mind of a child wanders beyond an adult mind.
A Child who does not comprehend reality.
A Child who questions the unknown.

So beautiful,
So simply,
So complex.

When was the last time you enjoyed something that you already understand?


Caffeine Culture.

Everything Happens Around Me.

Reading about world politics.

Conversations about Million dollar contracts.

Flirtatious gestures between the man and the woman.

Studying for exams.

Creating presentations for a business pitch.

Drawings of an elderly man.

Drips of water from a leaking roof.

Scolding your loved ones because you care.


I just sit there; you don’t even notice me.
But you do not realise.
Realise that i watch to learn as I learn how to watch you.

Your body language.
Your thoughts.
Your judgemental eye.
Your $1000 shoes.
Your winter pants.

You who are so concern with that which is your environment’s concern that you forget.

You forget that i am watching you.

Beyond a Green Light.

the green light…

the black silhouette…

which captured your attention first?

the green light stands out as it usually does in a dark room.

the silhouette is undoubtedly part of the back ground and yet captures our eye.

which intrigues us more?

darkness is only in the absence of light.

light is associated with good and dark is associated with evil.

…a norm that is lived and practiced everyday.

do we ever stop to ask why?

Look at me, look at the silhouette that has created me. in a realm that i have created.

which is more real to you? which is more unreal to you?

so… did u notice the silhouette first,

or the green light first?

are you the dark in the absence of light?

or are you the light in the absence of dark?

Surrender to Perfection.


Is perfectionism what the world is working toward? Or is it what the world should work toward?
We are all guilty of purchases beyond necessity. Some say its a sin, others use it as a tool to validate themselves.
Plastic Surgery, Clothes, Cars, Gadgets, Cosmetics… all consumer the goods that are said to be the gears of the economy.

Plastic Surgery around the world is a booming industry. Yes, some may be because to genuine medical injuries or reasons,
but nevertheless there are still so many people doing it for other reasons.
The motivation and goal to be pretty, to be attractive, to have a sexy body,
to be accepted by society. To be validated by others so they can selfishly feel good about themselves.

How many of us actually surrenders to perfection. The concept of perfection that it is define by our environment and our society.
The real answer lies with your question. Question the question and one will find the answer.

Why does buying a really expensive branded dress matter? to be used and then thrown away?
If we analyse the time you use that dress… is it not to ‘turn heads’ and receive compliments?
So in itself, it is not selfish as all you are doing is to receive validation from others to feed your insecurity?
Are you not confident enough to just stand alone as one person without anything and feel secure?

That will trickle down into questioning yourself, and only to come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with you.
But in true fact, it is the environment the egg is in that makes it cook, not the egg itself.
Question your environment before questioning yourself.

You are not the problem and neither is your environment.

The real problem is how you let your environment influence you.

Surrender not to your environment, instead surrender yourself…

To you…



We relied on each other…
I needed you as much as you needed me…
Without you, I would lie with the rest…

Without me, you would not be where you are now…
One chance was all we had…
One time was all that was needed…

One time was all that you needed me…
I am the proof for your journey to where you stand…
I was needed to get you so far…

But only once did you see me…
Only once did you hold me…
Only once did you use me…

Even after our whole journey…
That whole adventure…
That excitement…

All i was to you was validation…
All i was to you was security…
All i was to you was temporary…

And all i am to you now is…


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