Surrender to Perfection.


Is perfectionism what the world is working toward? Or is it what the world should work toward?
We are all guilty of purchases beyond necessity. Some say its a sin, others use it as a tool to validate themselves.
Plastic Surgery, Clothes, Cars, Gadgets, Cosmetics… all consumer the goods that are said to be the gears of the economy.

Plastic Surgery around the world is a booming industry. Yes, some may be because to genuine medical injuries or reasons,
but nevertheless there are still so many people doing it for other reasons.
The motivation and goal to be pretty, to be attractive, to have a sexy body,
to be accepted by society. To be validated by others so they can selfishly feel good about themselves.

How many of us actually surrenders to perfection. The concept of perfection that it is define by our environment and our society.
The real answer lies with your question. Question the question and one will find the answer.

Why does buying a really expensive branded dress matter? to be used and then thrown away?
If we analyse the time you use that dress… is it not to ‘turn heads’ and receive compliments?
So in itself, it is not selfish as all you are doing is to receive validation from others to feed your insecurity?
Are you not confident enough to just stand alone as one person without anything and feel secure?

That will trickle down into questioning yourself, and only to come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with you.
But in true fact, it is the environment the egg is in that makes it cook, not the egg itself.
Question your environment before questioning yourself.

You are not the problem and neither is your environment.

The real problem is how you let your environment influence you.

Surrender not to your environment, instead surrender yourself…

To you…


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  1. Have u surrendered yourself to you? I do agree with you at some points. But would you wear something sloppy and still feel good about yourself? Everyone wants to wear something nice that they think they will look good as per say “turn heads”. Almost half the world has insecurities. Sometimes these insecurities lead to worse. But do you think it is right for them to go against their environment and be different. That is their normal. What they know. People like what they know and are uncomfortable with what they don’t know.

    • That is exactly right.
      An enemy that you know is better than one than you don’t.

      Going against the environment and being ‘different’ is something that a hypocrite would do, just to be ‘more unique’, in fact in some cases they are the ones who want the most validation and have the most insecurities.

      The environment and us are compliment existences. One cannot survive without the other… to a certain extent.
      We are apart of the environment as much as it is a part of us.

      However, the question at hand is to question the question. I believe that we need to question ourselves before making a decision. Often we carry out our daily lives thinking that we do. But do we? I know i will by a hyprocrite if i said i question each and every decision i make.
      I believe that we need to do that before accepting a decision as given.
      If we all continue to purchase things that will give us temporary happiness, doesn’t that imply that happiness can be bought? Can it?
      So the next Q is, what makes one happy?

      That is to each his/her own.

      If you one decides to buy an overpriced watch, and the sole purpose is to ‘show off’, i believe that is not wrong. As long as that person is 100% aware of their conscience decision. And if someone were to ask that person: ‘why did you buy that watch?’, if their response was: ‘so i know what time it is.’… we all know that person is lying to them self.

      It is not wrong to buy nice things, treat yourself, to surrender to perfection. As long as that person is aware of what their doing.

      • You are absolutely correct there. By being different, one feels special and it feeds more into their insecurities allowing them to feel better of oneself.

        You mentioned that we are a part of the environment as much as it is part of us. Then don’t you agree that we need a balance of norm and individuality? By saying individuality as per your words, questioning the norm.

        I think we carry our daily lives making decisions almost every minute based on what we think is right and what we have been told is right. This would be what everyone does. Hence, it is the norm and there isn’t much individuality. If we question our decision, we are questioning the bigger picture. I believe no human has all the answers. some questions, some actions of humans can never be answered. As i think matters of religion would come in.

        Happiness can or cannot be bought. I think is something that only one can answer as you say that is to each his/her own needs and wants.

        When one decides to be a luxury good-the watch, they know it is to show off, either to prove to oneself or to show the world that he/she can afford such a watch. They are fully aware of this. But are they willing to admit it to the world? People lie to seem humble. No one wants to seem arrogant and a “show-off”? At the same time depending on who questions you about the watch. If they are on par with you or are they themselves struggling with life? Questioning you back. If you’ve got a luxury watch and your good mate asks you why did you get it instead of a stranger you just met questioning why you bought the watch? Your answers in both these situations would be different.

  2. Yes, there will be two answers depending on who asks the question. So fundamentally, different answers imply that one is subject to environmental circumstances to answer the question and hence a level of various personalities within oneself?

    Ultimaetly, what i am getting at, is that, one needs to ask oneself, ‘why did i but the watch?’
    to feel good?
    to show off?
    cause i like the design?

    and when one questions their own question.
    It leads to another, if my purpose to buy the watch is to feel good and not to tell the time, is it really nesscecary?

    well, as you said to each their own.
    as long as they know what they are doing.

    The only person we answer to is ourselves (Independent of religion of course).
    so, the next time i decide to buy a watch, i need to ask myself, why do i buy it?, whatever the answer that u give yourself is the correct one. and it is irrelevant of any outside entitiy’s opinion, judgement or question.

    • But, everyone is subject to the environment. When you walk down a street and a stranger – per say a beggar- comes up and says what a nice watch. why did you buy it? Would you be willing to admit to him that you bought it to make yourself feel better and to “show-off”. Knowing the answers and admitting it are different. That’s where as you say the environment comes to play.

      Likewise, questioning a question leads to another. Don’t you think when you buy an expensive watch, you buy to fell good and to tell time. You get the best of both. The question is; is it better for you to buy per say a Patek Philppe watch or say a Target watch brand – when they have a similar function, but which would you prefer?

      And yes we only answer to ourselves. As long as we know why we buy these goods. Whether to fell good, to prove a point or just merely to “know time”. The answers with one and no other entity.

      • Yeah, exactly, if u question the function. essentially you do not need to purchase the watch altogether.
        That was what im trying to get @.

        Kam Kam Kam Kam.. lolx

    • well what I’m trying to get at is, yes the function is the same but at the end of they day, some people would want the branded watch, as it signifies something important to them. and they are fully aware of the reason. but admitting the reasons depends on the situation there are in. Where as you mention the environment comes to play, which leads to another topic of questioning the norm.

      Kam! hehehe wee weeee. interesting topic btw!

      • So should we answer the question according to which situation we are in?
        Or should we answer the question in the way that we answer to ourselves?

        If we go with the first option, then we are always worried about the ‘situation’ we are in and over time we forget ourselves and just worry about the ‘situation’ at hand. In other words, we are always worrying or carrying about what external factors/environment thinks or views us.

        When at of the day the ‘situation’ will not be answerable to our actions, but only we are answerable to our actions.

        On a side note:
        we live for a certain time. Whether we believe in reincarnation or not, our time in the physical form is finite.
        So, my Q is, is the majority of that finite time going to be spent worrying about this situation? or making others happy…(Including family)?
        Or is the majority going to be spent happy and content with oneself?

        Now, ask ureself one simple question. Are there REALLY any rational gains from wearing high heels to a movie? Don’t you want to be as comfortable as you can when u go see a movie? (Hypothetical Qn, no references intended)
        One can worry about the ‘situation’ or ‘environment’ and wear those high heals for no rational gains whatsoever.

        Or, go comfortable and enjoy the movie.

        As i said, life is finite. Which majority are you going to let govern your choices?

    • hahahaha mr.wee!!!!! I will reply your comment after i get back from work!! but for now i have a question for you. Out of curiosity, If you had a choice between a designer watch and a normal watch- which obviously have the similar function, which would you prefer? and why?

      • Well,
        I have a levies watch which I bought 5 years ago, I know it is know it’s not branded, but it was very expensive to me at the time.

        Then I realized, that the function of it was to tell the time and I stopped using it, cuz my my phone served that function.

        Now it’s just sitting in my drawer..
        And I wasted $300…

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