Information. Interactions. Conditioning. Prediction. Intelligence

Intelligence has a wide spectrum of definitions.

Wikipedia defines it as:
Intelligence has been defined in different ways, including the abilities for abstract thought, understanding, communication, reasoning, learning, planning, emotional intelligence and problem solving.


The depth of how one considers another as intelligent is a subjective matter to which it is subjected to previous experiences and social conditioning.

If one believes the existence of ‘intelligent beings’ outside this world, one must consider the meaning of that term. It may constitute an entity that has one similar attribute that is unique to humans, our conscience and our ability to be aware of it.

A TED talk has subjected me to understand that intelligence is highly related to prediction.
So, what does prediction mean?

Let’s say a scientist; has a theory and creates a thesis to test, that scientist then tests his/her thesis and if it were to be as predicted, that scientist would be explicitly rewarded with something and be referred to as intelligent.

What about a financier? One may put money into a industry because they believe that prices will rise, thus again making a decision for a predicted outcome.

But what makes a prediction happen? I believe only gifted people are born with this skill, the rest of us rely on interactions. Interactions that creates experiences and a level of conditioning of what may or may not occur next. And thus a prediction.

One will interact with their environment and carry out an action, and that action will have a positive , negative or neutral response. Thus that person will use experiences gained from that response to make any future decisions.

But if we take it another step further, that actually really does not lead to prediction. Prediction entails the ability for a person to ‘connect the dots’ of other people’s experiences and predict an outcome that will suit towards one’s own advantage.

So, would you consider yourself intelligent?

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