A Choice to define Choices

The minor decisions that we make everyday has a ripple effect in our lives and the lives of the ones around us.

From the choice of our words,
The food we eat,
Even when we smile to a stranger.

However, it is too much time and effort to consider all possible ripples of our words or actions.


Although, there are always signs, pit stops and cross junctions that will define our future paths.
We all like to think that we make the best decision every time. For example, when one goes into a retail store, we tend to think that we purchase goods at their best possible value with maximized consumer surplus. However, more often than not, it is only a matter of relative choices.

Our choices may not be good in true fact. But it is better than the alternative.
So we are led to believe that we are given the freedom to choose, but essentially, the entity produces the choices we make only has to make the alternative slightly worse.


One response

  1. I don’t fully agree that the entity produces the choices we make by only making the alternative worse. when an entity produces a product they want to make sure it sells out and that it is the best product out in the market.

    I agree that the choices we make – we believe is right and better than the alternative. But, I also think our choices are caught up in the world of delusion where brand, fame and impression takes a toll on the choice we make. Is the alternative product truly worse or are we just caught up in this delusion world? That’s where all the ripple effect starts from.

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