lean mean non-profit machine.

Money Does not Make the World Go Round.

It is some level or any extent of Love Or Passion.
If your goal is aimed at making something that does not exist, that is money, how does one achieve it?

Frugal Innovation is how he did it.
Innovation in its purest form.

It is not about desires to change the world.
It not not about leaving behind a Legacy.
It is not about how many people go to your funeral.

But Ultimately, it is the final question in your life just before you pass on.
A question that you ask yourself.
When life flashes you by.

Can you look back and smile?
Are you ready to finally pass on?

Everyone knows that it is coming.
Everyone knows that this will happen.

Yet how many of us are actually preparing for it?
Or carrying out our lives in preparation for it?

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