celebrate thy self.

Social progress starts with being different. Singapore’s very own Bernise Ang follows her passion. She featured in TEDxSingapore, revealing her journey to her success. Her video is a revealing illustration of one who understands herself and that understanding is difficult to articulate.

Bernise reveals a social strategy to engage with a unique and underestimated tool. Empowerment. Her work and the organisation she has started, Syinc, seeks to empower our youths. Step 1: celebrate thy self. Her story that she has illustrated about herself when she was young is a story that many children and youths go through. How does a child seek achievement when he/she is not rewarded for their under-achivements? Achievement is relative. No. 1 cannot be there without No. 4, and vice versa. Therefore, empowerment is the key to success. The future generation starts with our youths. A demoralised youth will be an underachieving adult.

Numbers are quantitative; Words are qualitative; you cannot size up yourself in either. The difference in a successful person is one who smiles at the mirror everyday in the morning and at night.

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