death bed philosophy

A nurse disclosed the top 5 most things said at death beds by her patients and it reveals the true colours of one’s physical being and existence. Should we consider that the nurse is able to isolate 5 top phrases and claim it to be common? Is it not interesting that we humans attempt to be different from each other through jobs, consumer goods, material goods and other methods that may ‘set us apart’ from the rest, however right at the very end, we tend to say or have similar thoughts?

So we go to school, get a job, make a family, work up the career ladder….etc… is that what we are meant to do? will that make us free?
 well, we seek financial stability to be free. free from what? or free to do what exactly? what do you define as freedom? what is your perspective of life? ALAME Leadership sums up the importance of philosophy in a simplistic and tasteful way. At some level, everyone is searching for love to be loved. To be special or unique in someway. To get compliments for your new fittings as a sign of validation from society. I guess that would be ok if we can bring over that ‘fame’ to the afterlife?

The nurse reveals that her patients vary in the stages of death; Denial, Fear, Anger, Remorse, More Denial and finally acceptance.
Are all these stages necessary to achieve acceptance of death? Maybe its the new car? or the high paying job? What will help us reach acceptance? Is it only a question that we deal with when we are at of Death Bed? Or can we aim towards it now?

Top 5 regrets at their Death Bed;

“…I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me…”

This is not easy as we have always been nurtured to believe and think that we have to live up to the expectations of our predecessors. One reason, is also because the people before us have lived, worked and suffered to create a future generation that we call out time. Thus, there will always be that intrinsic value to please those before us and around us. Furthermore, how does one know …”a life true to myself?…” It is a difficult question to answer and many do not have the answer. But the real question is how many of us have actually searched for it? ask yourself, what do you expect from yourself and compare that with what others expect of you. Some of the truth lies with what you expect out of others. The more you expect out of others, the more you feel others expect out of you.

“…I wish I didn’t work so hard…”

Working hard? What do we mean working hard? the article talks about not spending time with loved ones. Thus it is not fair to say such a statement without further scrutiny. Many people work at what they love doing. Many say that family and children should always come before work. But doesn’t love have no boundaries? is it so wrong to love your work? Having a family is not the only path in our lives. Finding love and passion for something or someone brings contempt and eventually appreciation of ones’ environment. So, love your work and love your family. These are not as separate as one might think.

“…I wish I’d the courage to express my feelings…”

This concept is linked back to the first quote. If we are circumvented to the expectations of others, we will undoubtedly fall into the approval style, which will cause us to follow the wants and needs of others rather than ourselves. How can we allow ourselves to express our feelings under such circumstances? We do not need courage to express feelings. We have the power to surround ourselves with the environment and the people that will be accommodating of our feelings. Are you currently in that situation?

“…I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends…”

Friends are the ones that are always there for you when you need them and even when you do not need them! More often than not your friends become your lovers and of course family. So is there really a line between friends and family? Friends may turn on each other, Family may turn on each other. Thus the real definition of ‘a friend’ is one or a being that is there with you at the best and worst times of your life…smiling. There is no category for friend or family, there is only the people that you love as much as they love you.

“…I wish I had led my self to be happier…”

ALAME Leadership revels the essentials of self-image and empowerment. How does one become ‘happier’? is there really a quick fix? or something we can buy to do it? the answer… well, the answer is yours. You will always find for what you search for. Search for money, you will get it. Search for love you will get it. Search for happiness, it will come. Just be patient.

Can we wake up everyday and know that we may pass on at anytime, yet, we go on living without addressing the aspect of accepting death. The nurse reflected that each and every patient finally accepted death. If we all know that we may not get a chance to be at our death bed to accept death, why aren’t we focussing on accepting death everyday of our lives?

Have you figured out what your death bed philosophy is?

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