boy in the room.

There was once a boy who travels a lot and was not home most of the time.  This boy’s family lived in a big house.
His grandparents and parents lived in this big house.
This big house had a attached annex that was connected by a room.

His parents lived in one side of the house,
and his grandparents lived in the other side of the house.
There were separate entrances and his parents and grandparents did not have to pass each other by when coming back home.

The boy had a great big fall one day. His leg was hurt. He leg was hurt real bad. He had to go to the hospital to get it repaired.

When the boy came home, he slept in the room that connected the annex. Soon his family was looking after him. Brought him food, brought him water, brought him medication, even brought him a little bottle to urinate in so he wouldn’t have to go to the toilet!

Early in the morning, his mum would bring him his medication and breakfast. Later that morning his grandmother would bring him breakfast, tea and medication. At lunch his grandmother would bring him some hot food. Later that afternoon, his mother would bring him some food too.

By the evening, his parents and grandparents were in disagreement about what the boy should eat, how he should rest and what medication to take! The parents and grandparents raised their voices in concerned and argued and fought over the boy’s nurturing.

The boy sat up straight, looked at his parents, than looked at his grandparents and smiled at the both of them. The boy’s grandparents and parents stopped arguing and asked whether the boy needed anything.

The boy said, “…i wish every child in the world had this much love…”

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