how foreign are we?

EDB cautiously optimistic about outlook for 2012

“…cautiously optimistic…”??

Doesn’t the term ‘cautiously’ negate the positive meaning of ‘optimistic’ in this context?

  • SGD$11.7billion in investment commitments
  • 20,300 skilled jobs
  • Above the forecasted 16-19k jobs
  • $7.3billion – total business spending
  • $15.5billion added value – arm how? may I please ask?

All sounds good? -no doubt these numbers will make the reader smile at first glance.

If we can assume that SOME investments, (if not most) are foreign investments, these investors will be bringing their money over to Singapore to develop.
Sounds good yes, however, what do we know about rich people? Wealthy people like to keep their money close to them, that is trust people they know.
Hence, they are going to bring people they know over to manage these investments. Where does that leave the locals?

Can we really say that those 20,300 jobs will be directed toward locals? How many % is the actual that locals will make up of that number?

How foreign are we?


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