Book: weed out the weaklings?

Book: American Policy by Clarke Cochran.

A excerpt from his book,

“…the best single predictor of educational achievement is the academic achievement level of one’s parents. Thus, to best engineer quality of educational achievement, the state would have to specify that only educated people would be allowed to reproduce…”

Seems far fetched? it is ludicrous to even think that only the educated population will be allowed to reproduce. However, before we jump into conclusions, let us consider our society.

China already has a one child policy. Most high skilled jobs require a minimum of a bachelors degree and the concomitant of a good lifestyle and financial stability along with it. Indirectly our society and population are stopped or indirectly regulated from doing things if he/she does not have the appropriate education. Even with the right education, we are still hindered in doing certain things that we might be good at or getting a job that is well suited for you.

So would it be such a terrible regulation to have ONLY educated people to reproduce. Will there be an appropriate balance? what level of education will qualify for pregnancy? Does this mean that your education certification is also the same piece of paper that will allow you to reproduce?

But we must consider relativity in this matter. A high school graduate is not considered educated in this day, well at least not appropriately educated. A degree holder has more credibility, however, if only degree holders have the right to reproduce, overtime, everyone will become educated at least at a degree level and thus ‘no one is educated’ in some sense! Imagine this, if every single person in the world is a degree holder, than everyone will be at the same level and the ‘marginal betterment’ of having a degree will not constitute the right to reproducing anymore.

Imagine the ramifications. There will be a black market for giving birth (there already is). ‘Educated’ people can foster a business that reproduces and sell their babies to those that are not entitled to have one! I can say that certain religious institutions will be welcoming to the idea ‘birth control’.

The possibilities are endless. And this regulation is possible in the future. We hope that maybe we will not have to see that future.

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