the value of life increases in this global village.

An article about unsafe abortion rates was released by the economist; Daily chart: Global abortion rates | The Economist. It distinctively reveals that abortion rates have diminished over time. Although the rests and methodologies may be question, prima facie, it would appear that world citizens have more value for health.

Why associated with ‘world citizens’? Well, because it is apparent that the world is globalising and we must consider that there are economic spillovers of technologies, particularly, medical technologies that allow safer methods of abortions. The constant evolution of medical technologies allows people live longer and ‘repair’ themselves to ensure longevity.

Although abortion rates have gone down, % of unsafe abortions are still relatively high for the world’s standard, 49%. Imagine, almost half the time an abortion is carried out, it is an unsafe procedure. Even though the world is growing safer (with medical technologies), there is still such a high level of abortion? What factors may affect this? Culture? perhaps a young girl who got pregnant cannot afford to have a child but is also worse off if her parents new about it as she will be viewed as ‘tainted’ and ‘not-marraige’ material. Prices? abortions can be a hefty expense that youths may not be able to afford. Hence it would be much cheaper to get a ‘back alley’ fix.

There are many remedies to this, such as loans or free clinics. But even then, clinics are linked together indirectly through the networks of doctors. One may still not be free from the secrecy of the procedure. Abortion is an ethical and more often than not a religious debate. It is definitely a tricky subject. Nonetheless, let us be realistic and accept that it still does happen. -Society needs to find a way to proper regulate the secrecy of youths. Besides the physical trauma that the female suffers, there are numerous emotional concomitants that go along with it.

If the government is able to standardise a national level institution that carries out this procedure, perhaps we can increase the amount of safe abortions that occur. For example, illicit drugs is illegal in Australia, however, the local authorities still provide ‘special rooms’ for drug users to safely administer drug to themselves. Wrong? perhaps ethically, however, imagine the positive impacts; such as reduce spread of diseases.

We can be idealistic and try and ‘stop’ and ban opinionated prejudice views of certain actions of people, or wake up realise reality and realise that these things will happen regardless of regulations, laws and efforts otherwise and create a safe, empowering environment for these to occur. We can change society by listening to what people need first. Accommodate it and empower those who need help.

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