purple innovation.

The people of this world must eat to survive. That is why restaurants will never go out of business. Especially if their food is exceptional, consumers will just come without feeling hungry! With most restaurants, a concept well known is ‘turnover’.

‘turnover’ basically means getting more ‘sets’ of customers as one ‘set’ concludes their meal. Thus during seasonal times such as festive seasons where family meals are frequent, it is essential that management for restaurants are at their peak efficiency.

For example, imagine a ‘set’ of consumers had booked a table for 10, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, only 9 people could make it. Now, during off peak season, management would just remove one chair from the table, however, during intense seasonal times, management will require to ensure that chairs are not removed from the table. This is to ensure that there is a consistent ‘blueprint’ of table to chair ratio. This also ensures that management does not need to keep checking the number of chairs per table and the reception is able to send ‘sets’ of customers to certain tables to accommodate their number.

Another feature during the festive season is fixed set meals. Because there is such high ‘turnover’ during these seasons, it is inefficient to have a la carte meals. Pre-booking customers and fixed set meals allows the kitchen to work more efficiently, prepare food before hand and serve food on time to ‘close the gap’ in timing between ‘turnover’ customers. With this in mind, floor staff must be efficient enough to clear plates, bowl and cutlery off the table as soon as they are finished and replace them with fresh ones in time for the next dish to arrive.

and thus… the purple innovation.

A simple quick and easy fix to let floor staff and management know that there is nobody sitting in the chair. An un-complex method of placing a purple cloth over a chair to signify that floor staff need not serve the particular seat.

It is fascinating that innovation occurs at every level of businesses. Innovation is about trail and error. Doing and failing until the optimal efficient outcome is produced for increased productivity.

1. Restaurants will get more turnover
2. Staff are less confused
3. Management can plan accordingly for the whole day

….all because of a simple simple purple innovative idea.

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