the new old.

When the old concept meets new technologies.

Do you remember Tamagochi? (if you do, good on you!)
What about the Digimon? (if you do, then you deserve a well deserved pat on your back my friend!)

Now imagine the concept of interacting with a digital entity and communicating with it in a new way. A new reality.

Marco Tempest has stepped it up a notch and mixed magic with technology to create an inspiring innovation of fun, laughter, magic, joy and just plain good’ol entertainment!

Enjoy this video where Marco has passionately combined technology, art, his vision and magic through the open source concept and develop this new invention! You would definitely want to buy one to tell stories to your kids after that for sure!

We are moving to a technological – human integration era. Where society once saw mobile devices as revolutionary, imagine what generation X n Y will see. Aren’t we all just so excited to be alive to see the future?


3 responses

  1. That video is awesome! I think it was richard dawkins who said that a sufficiently advanced civilization to a primitive explorer is indistinguishable from magic. Could it be that technology is moving so fast that it this indistinguishability is going to become more and more intra-cultural? That video seems like good evidence.

  2. Mind boggling really. Simply mind boggling. Hopefully ACTA and SOPA/PIPA can get removed as an issue and the state of affairs the guy was talking about can occur.

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