yourself as a collection

is there a real you? –Julian Bagini

our knowledge = who we are.

instead of itemising ourselves, who we are, what we want, what is good, what is bad. We must understand that we are non-existent if our surroundings or environments do not exist either.

Imagine if for a while that the conception and birth of a baby does not require the hospitality of a female womb. Imagine that the existence of a baby… just becomes.

Now imagine that baby with no environment and no surroundings. Just a four cornered white room. The baby will grow very differently from you and I (if he/she grows at all). This baby will not learn how to communicate when there is no other entities to communicate with. The baby may not learn how to walk and accustom itself to move on all four limbs.

Ideally, the point is that our existence, the existence in our mind and the consciousness that we engage with to read and interpret this article is a collection of experiences, reactions, concepts and observations made from the previous.

Confusing? -yes, if there is an objective you. -no, if you can encapsulate and realise that you are every-entitiy as much as every entity is you.

Logic does not actually apply is almost every single aspect of our lives. Logic and rational are terms coined to ‘predict’ human behaviour so that we can have some level of security and we do not wake up every morning asking the question of our existence. -It is tiring and a burden to do so.

well, it is a burden if you wish to live in the logical reality. Logic and rational are in fact commitment devices created from past experiences and societal influences. It is logical to get a job and not punch a child. But these are commitment devices created by our society so that I know when my child walks down the street he/she will not get punched (logically anyway). -By knowing this fact, I am able to find security and meaning in my life and stop questioning myself -who wants to question them self everyday?

We are searching for self-actualisation and doing things, assuming things, creating things will allow us to find meaning in our lives through the channel of self-actualisaing.

but the real issue is actually conceptualising the idea of a ‘question’. When you ask a ‘question’ one expects an answer. -But can you continue your life, question yourself everyday and not care about wanting an answer?

don’t question yourself – conceptualise that the answer is already in the question.

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