admitting vulnerability. true admirability.

“…i am enough…”

Weakness does not exist if you choose to accept that you have none.

Almost every aspect of our lives makes us believe that we are inferior and we are subject to the inferiority complex.

Those who act and behave in such a way that they are better than others, are those who suffer from the inferiority complex the most.

Seeking misery or mistakes in others to feel good about oneself.

Brene Brown captures the essence and importance of us. Insecurities, neglect, inferiority, shame, regret… they are all symptoms of vulnerability. We choose to shut out the importance of loving ourselves. And instead we seek drama externally so that we do not need to question ourselves and decide what really makes us happy.

Being vulnerable is not a weakness or strength. its something you have to embrace in life. When you can be vulnerable, you are able to ‘breakdown’ or dis-assemble yourself. -only then will you know who you are.

A watch is an object that reveals the time. Some of us are fascinated by how it even works without a battery. However, if you dis-assembles it, understand it and re-construct it, one can find ways to improve it over time. The watch would be solid and durable when put together, but vulnerable when it is dis-assembled. However, one can only understand and comprehend the watch when it is dis-assembled.


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