building social capital.

A great post by Tina on her Blog about The Power of Networking. She has a simple illustration to networking in 5 simple and easy steps!

1. Strike a conversation with your eyes.
A very well put description about using the channel of which we see the world. We should appreciate the gift of sight because it channels body language and reflects how another entity is being viewed. The combination of ones glare, posture and facial expressions can start or end a conversation even before you know it!

2. Ask Questions.
“…Ask and it shall be given…” -Let us remember that as homo sapiens, we have a constant drive for more. For economists, monototicity where ‘more is better’! It is true that we would rather ask a stupid question than not ask at all. Only by asking can we learn about those we wish to build social relations with! And more knowledge is better!

3. Step outside your comfort zone.
One cannot fully comprehend themselves until they have pushed themselves beyond their limits. Why do it though? Why push yourself beyond your comfort zone? Well, it’s called the ‘threshold’ effect. As one continues to push themselves beyond their limit, they push their threshold up without even releasing and before you know it, you have done and accomplished more than you ever thought possible.

4. Being Present and Being Social.
This is a wonderful concept in a highly connected world. The notion of being “Connected Alone” describes what Tina is vividly trying to explain about being in a social realm but nobody is interacting because everyone is using their mobile device. Now, with the hyper-connectivity of social media and the internet highway, we can still interact whilst being miles away. What kind of sociability is that?! When trying to build true social networking capital, it is important to focus on the little things like eye-contact or even a simple nod to acknowledge what the other party is saying.

5. Impact is Everything.
Leaving an Impact is key to future networking. Perhaps not in the sense of ‘cutting’ off someone or ‘being th loudest’ in a social situation. But if we remember the basic fundamentals of human behaviour is that we all want to self-actualise, we all want to identify with something, someone or some cause. (Perhaps to feel good about ourselves) Whatever the reason, pay attention to the person you are interacting with, search and find 1 or 2 points that you can empathize with and ‘wow’ their points. Some may see this as ‘sucking up’, however, ‘sucking up’ can only be used if you have a hidden for your personal benefit. Whereas in this is, the agenda is networking and the benefit is mutual, thus we can all it -Strategic Communication… you choose…

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