chose the path chosen for us.

The path of which we walk will never fade… Follow it we must, direction it gives. Walk between the dotted lines. Adhere to the traffic signs. We must grow as individuals and strive to construct our path. 

Build the path of which we continue to walk on and follow our own path that we create. Let not others wither your path and find fault with that you have chosen. Greener pastures awaits you, upon your inception of your passion. 

As we continue down our path we realise that nothing more is required of us. Nothing less needs to be done. Creative destruction is a path that we all go through; to learn; to discover; and become wiser about the ourselves relevant to the world that we see before our deceiving eyes. 

Perceive that the path we will walk will be a difficult and troubled one. 

…and finally we walk, given the circumstances, we continue to go down the path that we chose or chosen for us? We compare paths and pathways only to find that ours is one that does not make sense, yet we walk, we soldier on the end of our journey, the end of our path.

Through the storms and the rain we finally reach our endpoint – but we forget, that path. The path that we chose to enjoy and give hope to ourselves and others. Was the path that you chose really yours for the picking? But why have others chose another? 

Stop! Stop in your tracks, stop in your path, stop your journey. and smile. enjoy the moment that you are endowed with this very moment. appreciate the air you breath this very second. stop choosing a path and let a path choose you…

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