colourful ponder.

the fringe in a colourful image of thought and exposure to the sensitivity of colour.

one never knows who has eyes upon them from any hole that provides peripheral.

beyond the faceless women sits an entity in thought, the use of a mind and the thoughts from a brain can be detected but never measured in its capacity to imagine. just imagine its capacity.

beyond every persons faceless face lies a mind. a mind thirsty for knowledge. quench it must. fuel it needs. experience it has. 

beyond the faceless women is just a colourful ponder.


lost in thought.

…in my realm, I plug peripherals in my ears… the music is my bubble… the world cannot touch me as I create my solitude in this environment of no privacy…
…in my body I am limited …in my mind I am free… feel no pain… feel no guilt… feel no burden…

…my heart is pure …my brain creates my realm …my limits are limitless…
…I create …I destroy …I manipulate…
my vision blurs as I become lost… lost in thought…

only in shanghai [WIFI Phone Booth]


can you beat a phone booth with WIFI??

only in shanghai [shanghai street wear]


…i guess on the streets of shanghai this is the new street wear!


only in shanghai [one wonders]



only in shanghai [making ends meet]


…whatever it takes… we must put food on the table…

only in shanghai [side street food]

why the fence? well, we were at a trade show and they did not allow food stalls to sell on the streets…
so the exploited the area and used the fence as a guideline to where they can sell food!

we bought a pancake type food for only 5RMB (less than 2USD)… yet these people were able to survive by selling this type of foods…
it does not take much to feed a man, but it takes a lot for a man to feed himself.

persistence, patience and resilience.


only in shanghai [street train]


…because walking down a shopping street is just too main stream…

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