cycle by the window.


look beyond the window, take a ride on your bike, beyond and a far from reality…
embrace the windy green pastures as you pedal along your way..


mode. transport.

there is so much talk out there about climate change and how we humans are the cause and effect of these changes. Although, there is some argument against climate change altogether. What do we believe?

Well, as a Keynsian Economist would have it; “does it really matter when we are all going to die in the end?”

If the world and the new age society are so adamant about future generations and their lively hood. Are there not bigger issues to worry about? What about the protein shortage in the world? Let us tackle one problem at the time as a unity. Of course, this is not an option by states! Who would want to work together? If it were that simple maybe there would not be as many problems.

In hindsight, our differences also make us unique and in many cases strive for the betterment of their own region.

This life that we are living now is a ‘mode of transport’… we start at birth and end at death.

We can choose to drive the car that may not be the most optimal, pollutes and kills its environment, drive over almost anything -and gets you to the end faster…


Ride a bicycle, a nice leisure ride through pastures and greenery… enjoying the breeze of life and the wonders of mother nature and the environment!

so… which mode of transport have you taken in life?……

the solitude leaders.

An excellent video on by Susan Cain about the power of well needed solitude.

Let us put aside well known leaders mentioned in the video or what researchers and scientists find for a moment. Most people enjoy the company of others and its not a sign of weakness but it is in fact a strength if we can actually embrace.

Susan has vividly described the importance of being in a group whilst alone. What does this mean? Well let us dig deeper into her younger days when she enjoyed reading together with her family. -where there was no direct interaction, however the security of being together with each other was there.

Keith Sawyer has also critique Susan Cain and made very valid points about her idea.

If we dig deeper into the essence of group think and individual think, are they not the same at some level?
Relatively, ‘a group’ only exists when there exists ‘the being of an individual’ or ‘not in a group’, vice versa for the case of being an individual. -what does this have to do with anything? Some argument can be made such that the group needs individuals to function as a group and an individual is an accumulation of his/her surroundings over time OR whatever the group they have been surrounded by overtime.

Thus, we need the group for the individual to exist and an individual for the group to exist. Susan talks about the importance of solitude. Solitude is important to get in touch with ones’ self. However, ones’ self must have such direction and that direction is influenced by the group that that individual has been subjected to. Complete solitude is near to impossible, without a religious or cult motivation behind it. Thus it is important to understand that there lies a unique balance between the both.

…a ying and yang perhaps…

As an individual, one must explore his/her group where that group they are the most comfortable. From there she/he must make observations, assumptions and collect information, whether be it relevant or not relevant. Thereafter, one must process this information over time and create a reality to own their own development.

Collect information, process information, conclude session, create individual and group reality, exercise and execute, gain feedback and more information, process information….. and the cycle continues…

confused? -read it again, go and process it and come back…

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