where art thou reflection?

A perspective through ones’ lens can take many frames. A reflection can be perceived beyond the lens of which you look through. Seek not what you see through the lens that you pierce, but the reflection that the lens perceive as you look upon. See beyond the lens and understand the reflection that the frame of which it creates. Nothing is what it seems, but everything can also be what it seems. Understand not beyond the lens. But the reflection that bestows upon thou…


urban jungle.


a moment captured. a lifetime realised.

realise that every moment,
every movement,
every motion,
every vibration,

was once at complete still.

When were you last still?

everything a man needs.

in memory of steve.


s l c c i k

Stop. Listen. Capture. Cultivate. Innovate. Kreate.

Stop time, the moment, the thoughts

Listen to it, to them, to why, to how, to when

Capture it, them, why, why not

Cultivate the Captured



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