Sustainability. What is it? Why is it so important to incorporate it into business? How do we even start to incorporate sustainability it into business models?

Before we look into the how, when, what and where, the underlying philosophy must align with the WHY.

Why sustainability? Are we really doing it because we care about the future? Or is it just a popular public opinion and thus companies are using this logic as a marketing tool to increase sales. The notion and idealism of sustainable products and services are all well and true, however, we must look into the agenda of companies. But even more so, individuals. Consumers. You and me.

We go on to believe that large companies and governments should do something about it.

Almost 3 years has passed since the tragic Black Saturday that occurred in Australia. The public was devastated that this happened and it shook everyone up about the how sensitive the environment is and how fast engulfing flames and wipe out innocent people and leave numerous homeless. -Could these fires have been prevented? -There are tales of indigenous people that use to have a regular ritual of burning leaves and bushes. Westerns came into the land and signalled that that was incorrect and wrong. However, this simple ritual ensures that dried leaves and other dry substances and materials were regularly burnt away to ensure that forest fires are reduced or even prevented altogether.

Yes, the government is liable to ensure that these events do not occur. However, the underlying point to note is that everyday we blame other entities and organisations for the downfall of this planet. When one and truly, it depends on you and me.

Companies and governments are driven by households and consumers. We cannot sit around and expect companies to be sustainable. We must take our own personal action before anything. How the hell can we expect a certain standard from others when we do not expect it out of ourselves.

Simple demanding sustainability and protesting for it – is not going to cut it. We must start from the micro level.

When was the last time you did something that had social returns, or some level of sustainability? -When was the last time you did not put an empty glass container into the recycling disposal and used it for something else?

When was the last time you cycled instead of drove.. just cuz you could?

It is easy to demand and talk about sustainability. But one and truly, it starts from us….

sUStainability begins with US…


the new old.

When the old concept meets new technologies.

Do you remember Tamagochi? (if you do, good on you!)
What about the Digimon? (if you do, then you deserve a well deserved pat on your back my friend!)

Now imagine the concept of interacting with a digital entity and communicating with it in a new way. A new reality.

Marco Tempest has stepped it up a notch and mixed magic with technology to create an inspiring innovation of fun, laughter, magic, joy and just plain good’ol entertainment!

Enjoy this video where Marco has passionately combined technology, art, his vision and magic through the open source concept and develop this new invention! You would definitely want to buy one to tell stories to your kids after that for sure!

We are moving to a technological – human integration era. Where society once saw mobile devices as revolutionary, imagine what generation X n Y will see. Aren’t we all just so excited to be alive to see the future?

flying cranes.

a little origami fun!

more korean delights.

vegos. beware. korean delight.

at least i ate my veggies too.


plant genetalia continued.


to think that such beauty was right in my garden…

ma favorite genetalia…

plant privates.

Wakin’ up everyday and finally realised… I see plant genetalia everywhere around!


purple innovation.

The people of this world must eat to survive. That is why restaurants will never go out of business. Especially if their food is exceptional, consumers will just come without feeling hungry! With most restaurants, a concept well known is ‘turnover’.

‘turnover’ basically means getting more ‘sets’ of customers as one ‘set’ concludes their meal. Thus during seasonal times such as festive seasons where family meals are frequent, it is essential that management for restaurants are at their peak efficiency.

For example, imagine a ‘set’ of consumers had booked a table for 10, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, only 9 people could make it. Now, during off peak season, management would just remove one chair from the table, however, during intense seasonal times, management will require to ensure that chairs are not removed from the table. This is to ensure that there is a consistent ‘blueprint’ of table to chair ratio. This also ensures that management does not need to keep checking the number of chairs per table and the reception is able to send ‘sets’ of customers to certain tables to accommodate their number.

Another feature during the festive season is fixed set meals. Because there is such high ‘turnover’ during these seasons, it is inefficient to have a la carte meals. Pre-booking customers and fixed set meals allows the kitchen to work more efficiently, prepare food before hand and serve food on time to ‘close the gap’ in timing between ‘turnover’ customers. With this in mind, floor staff must be efficient enough to clear plates, bowl and cutlery off the table as soon as they are finished and replace them with fresh ones in time for the next dish to arrive.

and thus… the purple innovation.

A simple quick and easy fix to let floor staff and management know that there is nobody sitting in the chair. An un-complex method of placing a purple cloth over a chair to signify that floor staff need not serve the particular seat.

It is fascinating that innovation occurs at every level of businesses. Innovation is about trail and error. Doing and failing until the optimal efficient outcome is produced for increased productivity.

1. Restaurants will get more turnover
2. Staff are less confused
3. Management can plan accordingly for the whole day

….all because of a simple simple purple innovative idea.

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