social capital: at what point does it hurt.

….Continued referencing from the Manpower research; social capital has always existed and been the driver of economic prosperity. Some argue that it can not exist without the provision of certain rights that institutions provide. But was there not a period where there was no such institutions in place and we were forced to trade based on ‘trust’ or ‘social capital’?

“…In the Human Age, we have become all-day networks, able to act or respond immediately to many different situations. A business deal that begins in Tokyo on a Monday for a global corporation may continue uninterruptedly for days and involve employees and consultants from multiple time zones. Ideas may come from one-time economic outposts or collaborations between people who never meet but know each other virtually…” Continue reading


mode. transport.

there is so much talk out there about climate change and how we humans are the cause and effect of these changes. Although, there is some argument against climate change altogether. What do we believe?

Well, as a Keynsian Economist would have it; “does it really matter when we are all going to die in the end?”

If the world and the new age society are so adamant about future generations and their lively hood. Are there not bigger issues to worry about? What about the protein shortage in the world? Let us tackle one problem at the time as a unity. Of course, this is not an option by states! Who would want to work together? If it were that simple maybe there would not be as many problems.

In hindsight, our differences also make us unique and in many cases strive for the betterment of their own region.

This life that we are living now is a ‘mode of transport’… we start at birth and end at death.

We can choose to drive the car that may not be the most optimal, pollutes and kills its environment, drive over almost anything -and gets you to the end faster…


Ride a bicycle, a nice leisure ride through pastures and greenery… enjoying the breeze of life and the wonders of mother nature and the environment!

so… which mode of transport have you taken in life?……

lost in thought.

…in my realm, I plug peripherals in my ears… the music is my bubble… the world cannot touch me as I create my solitude in this environment of no privacy…
…in my body I am limited …in my mind I am free… feel no pain… feel no guilt… feel no burden…

…my heart is pure …my brain creates my realm …my limits are limitless…
…I create …I destroy …I manipulate…
my vision blurs as I become lost… lost in thought…

life goes on.

“…when the Global Financial Crisis Hit… the world was hit… unemployment rose… people lost their homes… families were torn apart… debt rose beyond the extent of paying back…”

“…People were committing suicide…”

“…the middle class become non-existent… one could not afford to fall sick and miss work…”

“…some of the rich became richer, whilst some of them became homeless and jobless and even lifeless…”

“…it was difficult to see the light at the end of this tunnel… lifestyles had to change… people had to be homeless and suffer, even now…”

“…of course, there are some that are still surviving… those that new what was coming… those that have skills to weather any storm…”

“…those that have been in a financial crisis their whole lives…”

“…for us, it is just another day of surviving… and dammit, we appreciate every single day of trying…”

“…for us… life goes on…”

face of speed.

Every car has its own unique face..

This is the face of speed…


caught in the act of indulging…



in the morning, we break – fast.

In the morning, we have a ritual,

We have a tradition, we carry out a norm..

We Break – Fast.

Morning images during Break – Fast will be lasting impressions on our day.


Life is like a tube of moisturising cream.

You squeeze and you push in life.

So hard that your cap pops open.

And the only thing you have to show for it is the feeling of being used and useless.

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